Custom Sex Doll (Create Your Own or Mix and Match!)

Custom Sex Doll

Custom Sex Doll

You fall into someone, now you want to have her/him with you at all times. Or your lovely partner, unfortunately, is gone and you want her/him stays with you for the rest of your life. No better idea than creating a doll looks like her/him!

Just send in his/her images. We can bring your dream girl/guy to become reality!

How to custom sex doll?  

1. Check out this Customize Sex Doll page, you can choose your favorite body and face. Then, you’re able to choose skin color, eye color, nail color, hair, type of vagina.

2. Send us images of a real person, we will bring her/him to real!


Real Person and Final Doll

(The dolls have different skin color and hair from the original persons. You can choose your own.)

custom made sex doll


How it works?

1. Please provide her/his images or videos. Please provide images of different angles. Please also provide additional information, such as the character’s age, personality, height, weight, etc.

2. We will evaluate the project. We will only accept your request if we’re very sure we can produce her/him. Some of the factors we will take into account:

  • Facial expression
  • Facial features
  • Body features
  • Materials

3. We will accept your request if we are able to bring your love one to reality. We will discuss with you the process. If there are features we are unable to deliver, we will notify you and suggest the alternative options. As soon as all are finalized, we will issue an invoice with the final quotation.


4. The invoice is powered by PayPal. It’s safe and secure. We need to receive the downpayment/deposit then only start production. Please understand that this is a very personalized doll, no one else would want the doll except you.

We’ll be unable to resell the doll if you change your mind eventually. For that reason, we’d request a 40% deposit.

The payment terms and process are as below (we will modify her/his head and body until you’re satisfied. Then, only move on to the next stage):

a. 40% deposit (we’ll start making the head. Once you’re happy, then we move on to the body)

b. 40% (we’ll start making the body)

c. 20% (The doll is ready! We’ll pack and ship with DHL or FedEx We’ll provide a tracking number)



1. If you only require us to custom make the head and match with one of our bodies, the fee ranges from USD 4,000 to USD 5,000 for the entire doll (clothing included).

2. Or you want to custom make an entirely new doll, from head to toe, the price ranges from USD 6,000 to USD 7,000, depending on the challenges (clothing included).

Please provide his/her images for final quotation.



  1. In order to protect both parties, we accept PayPal. If you did not receive the doll eventually, PayPal will fully refund you. Despite we assure we will deliver the highest quality doll.
  2. The entire custom sex doll process requires 1 – 2 months.
  3.  The final doll will be 80% – 90% alike. Please check out the sample images above. They have different hair and skin color as our previous clients requested.
  4. Final fees depend on the challenges. For example:

– Animation character is more challenging

– Male dolls are more challenging than female dolls

– Mature looking dolls are more challenging


*Disclaimer: We do not create dolls of trademarked or patented characters, such as animation characters/cartoons, celebrities, porn stars, etc.

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